Fighting Hunger

Our Goal: A Hunger Free Citrus County

The We Care Food Pantry is an unfunded, all volunteer, 501(C)(3) organization. We presently provide emergency food boxes to approximately 2,600 families every month. It takes more than 160 volunteers to help with our program.

Although none of us has a “crystal ball”, we are in general agreement that our local economy will continue to flounder for the next couple of years. Everyone must take a pro-active approach to help and respond to the growing and alarming need for emergency food and other critical human services.

momSince 2009 the number of individuals seeking our aid has increased by a staggering 40%. (Read more about hunger in your hometown) We need more ways to widen and strengthen our food recovery and distribution program. This is where your donation will greatly help.

To respond to the growing need for emergency food and other critical human services, The We Care Food Pantry works with other local food pantries and hunger organizations.

We also work with legislators and local political leaders; instruct clients on food preparation, health and hygiene; and provide information about existing public programs and resources

Our volunteers work diligently and contribute over 3,600 hours of their time monthly. Many of our volunteers are recipients of our services and work as a means of giving back.


Hunger is No Stranger in Citrus County

With a 12.3% unemployment rate, rising property taxes, insurance, electric and medical costs, Citrus County has far too many people who are not living in “paradise.”

Homosassa has been especially hard hit by these economic times. With the decimation of our construction and tourism industries, a primary source of local jobs, the desperation of our residents has exponentially increased.

boyJoblessness and poverty always leads to missed meals, undernourished children, and seniors choosing between medicine and food. Our small town of Homosassa has a homeless population that numbers in the hundreds as well as families who have lost their homes and have been forced to move in with family and friends.

It is the youngest that suffer most. When children come to school hungry it affects their cognitive ability and sense of self-worth. Children are our future and hunger is one lesson they should not learn first hand.

In Citrus County, more than 1 in 6 of our neighbors lives in poverty and faces hunger on a regular basis, over 22,000 people in all. The fact is that 72% of the children at the Homosassa Elementary School receive free and reduced lunches. We are a proud, self-reliant community, but when we see the desperation and panic etched in the faces of our neighbors, our collective conscience dictates that we must work harder and pull together to help them.

The We Care Food Pantry is on the front line of this battle.

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